Hierve el Agua: A day at the hot springs

Hot springs, a natural infinity pool and a view over some of Mexico’s most desolate mountains. What could be better?

Hierve el Agua lies a couple of hours from the city of Oaxaca (pronounced Wahaca incidentally – the London restaurant chain clearly felt the need to go with the phonetic pronounciation) in southern Mexico. It was without a doubt one of the more convoluted journeys we’ve taken, involving running down the road after a bus driver determined to see us onto the just departed bus, a collectivo taxi or two and many long walks when said taxi driver refuses to procede any further down the road.


Collapsing onto the rocks by the naturally formed infinity pool, we had to admit that it had been worth the trip. We changed into our swimwear and slid down the rocks, tentatively finding our footing on the worn and slippery stone.


We milled around the two pools for the next couple of hours, alternating between floating on our backs and leaning against the smooth walls of the pool, marvelling at the view. It was deserted, silent and absolutely stunning.

Definitely worth the trip.




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